About The Lightning Gurus

Driven by Passion - Managed by Experience

When we started this company, we recognised that our team needed to differentiate itself from our competitors if we were to lead from the front. And if we were going to be more "action" then "talk" we needed 100% commitment from everyone involved. We achieved this by ensuring that our whole management team has ownership in the business. We call this "having skin in the game". This collective ownership is what makes us different.

With a collective experience of over 50 years in the lightning and earthing protection industry across all areas of commercial, residential, thatch and solar and a commitment to masterful installations, we truly are "driven by passion", "managed by experience".

Our project management solutions include:

  • Site assessment, report and recommendations
  • Independent Risk Assessment (conducted by Lightning Protection Concepts)
  • Design and installation of lightning protection systems
  • Design and installation of earthing systems
  • Soil resistivity surveys
  • Maintenance of existing installations
  • LPS Project Management
  • Competitive pricing on lightning protection and surge products
  • Surge protection recommendation and installation
  • Independent testing and certification (conducted by The Testing Guys)

Need world-class lightning protection?

Our Gurus can help.